Most Alembic basses and guitars are constructed around a laminated neck that runs through the body of the instrument, using various combinations of often exotic woods such as Zebrawood or Cocobolo. “We do that.”. But I’d turn around and say, ‘Where’s Ron?’ Well, they’d stopped him at the door. Since I don’t use a rack, it is no use to me. The guitar known as "Tiger" is one of the most important and valuable in Rock History. There's something special about the Excel. more Format Format. So we are known for amazing guitars, basses, and stellar amplification – did you know we also carefully select and curate pedal brands that can live up to the quality of the instrument and amplification brands we choose to carry? Korea, Republic of Ron and Sue Wickersham founded Alembic in 1969 and were joined by rick Turner soon after. “We used op amps,” Ron said, “that were not made for use on Earth. Below the guitar’s bridge, Susan furnished a sine wave made out of mother-of-pearl. Musicians thought that it would ruin their creativity if they understood anything. They feature active electronics and brass hardware. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. “This is so specific,” I tell her, as I pored over her drawing. What makes the Alembic instruments so singular is also, in certain ways, what makes them so unattainable. Want more Rolling Stone? Custom Electric Guitars Custom Guitars All Music Instruments I Love Bass Bass Amps Double Bass Guitar Tips Guitar Design Vintage Guitars. This is a brand that has specialized in high end basses for decades. He never looked like he was supposed to be there.” What did he look like? The answer is the Essence. By TB | August 18, 2010 - 6:00 AM | January 16, 2014 Best Bass Guitar Reviews I’ve known about Alembic for almost as long as I’ve known about Fender, Gibson or Rickenbacker. Posted: October 30, 2020 Nifty Spiffy Awesome Pedals. About the only thing that has changed in the 30 years since the first F-2B is the chassis. See more ideas about Bass guitar, Guitar, Electric guitar. I own Zon, Alembic, Bee bass, Ed Romon, Fenders, Warwick, 4-6-8 stringers and 3 fretless, 15 total in all. 2 Comments. At Calton Cases, we custom design exactly to any need and build beyond every expectation. When he put it back together, the pocket watch began to tick just as it always had. Fast & Free shipping on many items! When Alembic started back in 1969, our goal was to create the finest quality American made instruments ever known. Save alembic guitars to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 4-string bass guitars; Alembic; Signature Deluxe + Alembic Signature Deluxe. Pre-Owned. I can only confirm the previous opinions. 1 + 1 Stereo jack 5 pin XLR Stereo connect to external power supply. The difference is that if the other three are Chevy, Ford and Chrysler, then Alembic is a Rolls Royce. Alembic will reproduce, with brutal honesty, “every deficiency in your playing,” says Susan. His dedication to refining every element — from recording gear to instruments — fit perfectly with the Dead’s vision. All Listings - Current page Auction Buy It Now Classified ads. 2 channels completely separate two outputs plus a mix What are the settings, effects? Many have asked how they could get the Alembic sound without the size and weight of the classic Alembic instruments. The Epics I've played are nice basses, and can hang with Spectors, MTDs and other boutique instruments, but in my opinion are not as representative of the classic Alembic feel and sound as is the Essence. I've been playing Alembic basses off and on for 15 years, and until recently had three Series 2 basses in the house. The short answer is "yes." Come on. They go dead, they’re expensive, and they’re hard to play. Standing sentinel on a light box in the corner of Susan’s office is a four-foot skeleton she uses as a model for what Alembic devotees refer to as custom-inlay “medallions,” which are a sort of decorative oval plaque embedded just below the guitar’s tailpiece. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: In 1976 they produced the first graphite neck-through-body instruments. But the idea of fully computer-generated music? Oops, looks like you forgot something. You have surely heard of Alembic, the Northern California guitar maker that has produced beautiful (and expensive) guitars and basses with innovative electronics for the likes of Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady and Stanley Clark. When even some of pop’s most gifted vocalists are opting to manipulate their voices to mirror the inhuman, are Alembic’s artisanal stringed instruments irrelevant? 19 watchers. Save this search. Alembic - 240 Classic Ct, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 - Rated 4.9 based on 9 Reviews "Fantastic instruments. John Entwistle's Alembic Explorer GMorganIllustration. This seller has not set a shipping cost for Korea. I didn’t feel that way about the Dead at the time. But the thing is, I can’t make them less expensive.”, Alembic’s output is extremely limited and their target demographic is comprised mostly, Susan says, of former Deadheads who went on to become lawyers, doctors and politicians. The Wickershams agreed and Ron quickly began to work on perfecting the fidelity of the band’s now-famous live recordings. Through several tours with the Dead, at home and abroad, he remains singularly focused on the “technical aspects” of the work. The current one has a flat plate like the original, but it's bright brass and cut to the outline of the Stratogina, unlike earlier ones that were rectangular and a matte dark finish with a tiny Alembic logo. John Entwistle’s Alembic Explorer Greeting Card, DL Size. Product presentation . It was slimmed this down until it was barely big enough to hold the electronics. Vintage 1978 Ibanez Musician Natural Color Electric Guitar Alembic Through Neck. “The MP3 is a compromise,” he said, waving his hands. Alembic F2B - François34's review translated. “Like somebody who’d come in off the street,” she says, sheepishly. Alembic STR/AE-1. Used ALEMBIC Jimmy Johnson Signature Bass NAT 5 String Fan Head Shape Ebony FB. 15 L Water Sealing Alembic Still System Starter Kit Premium This starter kit contains everything you need in order to begin your own distillation of spirits and any alcoholic beverages. Buy It Now . Sign up for our newsletter. Forums × Write a user review Ask for a user review. Alembic Bass. Here is a little history of the tube preamp circuit that is used in the Alembic F2b tube preamp and the Frog Fx1 tube preamp … Is the Frog Fx1 Tube Preamp a Clone of the Alembic F2b? Ron, a shy and mostly self-taught design engineer from rural Indiana, was working for Ampex on a multi-track mixing console, for what was then a revolutionary, 16-track tape machine. Sure, the shape is bold and round, with a lovely sweeping curve between the horns, but it's more than good looks. In This Article: The Orion features two of our HG series hum cancelling pickups with the familiar volume, bass and treble setup. 5. The people who are going to take advantage of it are the people who are still listening closely to what they’re doing. C $6,768.62. We've been crafting fine custom guitars since 1971, and our early production was about half guitars and half basses. For the left half, they extended the horn so the bass would balance as a long scale. are they the same brand? Now, what’s striking about popular music is the ways in which the ideal has moved towards adding more layers of digital technology. Hoping if using a bright clean sound I can just back down the high end on the guitar when switching to overdrive and find it to be distorted type sounds I like as well. Ron traces his scientific worldview back to the mostly uneducated, but mathematically sensible farmers he grew up around in Indiana. “God,” says Susan, “they’ve been saying [we were going out of business] for 40 years. The Excel is a workhorse, ready to drive just about any kind of music, with tones both familiar and exotic. This is basically a handmade power supply for alembic basses. Lamp What is the power delivered? Reviews (0) If the Veillette Citron bass we have was to be dubbed “the East Coast Alembic,” then this gorgeous Elan must be the “West Coast Veillette.” Both instruments are wonderful examples of a well-built, quality and affordable bass guitar. Whilst the neck-through styling would seem to suggest this guitar was built in the 1980s, I'm reserving judgement on this and think it could be as early as, say, 1976 because it is an Alembic copy and Alembic were the originators of multi-laminate neck-through guitars and basses way before the style became fashionable in the 1980s. The guitar, for example, has always been antiquated. Free shipping. Sort: Best Match. “They had movements. Twenty-four-hundred dollars for a bass? Everything cool we make is already included on these guitars: stereo electronics, side LEDs, inlaid logo with mother of pearl and abalone, gold plated hardware, continuous wood backplates. 2 results for alembic guitars. Buy online or at your local store today! Mica cradles its long mahogany neck in her hands and a visiting family friend, a bassist himself, scratches his goatee in disbelief. Alembic 6-string guitars list for $8K to $30K and custom instruments can cost even more. The idea that saying it’s good enough for government work or good enough for rock & roll: Those rules don’t apply in real life. In 1972 Stanley Clarke (probably the number one reason why Alembic is better known for basses rather than guitars) got his first Alembic bass. Classified Ads. It’s amazing that people are still playing strings at all. 1 user review. Saved by ckattack413. or Best Offer. “If people don’t want them, we’ll stop making them.”. $ 249 used (2 offers) Alembic Mark King Signature Deluxe. 07/21/09. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Tag Archives: Alembic Bass Number 32 Alembic Epic 5-string Bass By TB | August 18, 2010 - 6:00 AM | January 16, 2014 Best Bass Guitar Reviews. Worried by Lesh’s recent forays into what she calls “super high-frequency land,” Mica, product developer and general manager, adds ebony to the neck, as a tonal anchor. That’s interesting. “Yeah,” Ron says as he appears in the doorway, his voice nearly lost in his thick, white beard. or Best Offer. Bass; Computer Music ... 5+ string bass guitar. Pre-Owned. C $60.11. Our Alembic Guitars Acoustic Guitar Cases are durable, lasting cases tailor-made to your instrument. 9:32. Save alembic guitars to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Ron Wickersham’s late mother once told Susan that when her son was just five years old, he asked permission to take apart his grandfather’s pocket watch. We’ve gone from $2,400 to $18,500 for the same instrument. I ask. All user reviews for the Alembic Signature Deluxe. Susan had keenly pointed out earlier in the day that rock & roll’s critics have been sounding its death knell since the moment it arrived. Pre-Owned. The slightly longer answer is that the Little Darling guitar may be small, but that only adds to its charms. Customs made to my specs and boutique bassess as well. He’s fascinated by the mathematics at work in digital music. 1 user review on Alembic F-1X. List of the products from manufacturer Alembic. Please contact them to ask about shipping. He also has a vast collection of electronics accumulated over the decades, which he disassembles as part of his learning process. C $8,884.35. Price engine. The quiet, aloof and relatively reclusive Ron has stayed out of the public eye over the years, engrossed in his work while Susan and Mica act as “a buffer” between him and the rest of the world. “It was exciting to see the audiences reacting [when the Dead played live],” Ron says. The heart of the Essence's tone is the Alembic low-pass filter, the same tone control we pioneered in 1969 when Ron Wickersham first introduced active electronics to the musical world. Dead Wood: Is This the End for Classic Rock’s Greatest Guitar Makers. Free shipping. Nifty Spiffy Awesome Pedals. But I learned to.”, Ron treated any equipment that the musicians were using as the rock & roll equivalent of a Stradivarius. Buy It Now. 11 user reviews on Alembic Bass Guitars products. Reply. Buy It Now . or Best Offer. Vintage 1978 Ibanez Musician Natural Color Electric Guitar Alembic Through Neck. Ten years and several disassemblies later, he would help build one of two FM radio stations in the state of Indiana: WGLM, which stood for Good Listening Music. The typical home electronic and Alembic: 2 single coil pickups + 1 micro central "dummy hum" that eliminates the noise. But we’re not necessary. From shop GMorganIllustration ... David Crosby Gibson Alembic Custom vintage guitar 11x17 print.

Alembic Clone Rackmount Power Supply 4 Bass Guitar Handmade Active 5 Pin Cable. Guitars listed on this page are already on display at our dealers. They took the lead for the design from right half of the Small Standard body. The typical home electronic and Alembic: 2 single coil pickups + 1 micro central "dummy hum" that eliminates the noise. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. In large part, the Wickershams have survived because of a small, ravenous cult following that is willing and capable of meeting the product’s lofty prices. They’re not what drives you to go on.”. Growing up in the small town of Richmond, Ron played piano and clarinet, but balked at the idea of performing. '” For kids, who generally have small, relatively weak fretting hands, this is not a good starting point, regardless of price. Signature Deluxe, 4-string bass guitar from Alembic. Ron, sitting across from her now in a strange graphic T-shirt with a chrome peace pendant hanging around his neck, laughs quietly. He’s the chief deputy prosecutor for the state of Delaware.”, When I asked if she worried that fewer and fewer people will be interested in such rarefied objects, her answer is resolute. Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape. Condition is Used.

I got this when I purchased my series I alembic bass. 2 volume, 2 Tone correcting two Q-switch 3 positions (one for his "bright"), a position slecteur 3 + Off. Despite the cost and the anti-war sentiment of the time, Alembic began by using military-grade switches and components. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Thanks to neck through construction, lasting sustain is in your future. 4-string bass guitar. “But I wasn’t really part of the Deadhead culture and I didn’t have much social interaction with the band.”, There were times, says Susan, “when we were doing the recording at the concert and I’d walk in, no problem. 5+ string bass guitar. You might not be as familiar with their other electronic products, but they have made some truly amazing pre-amplifiers over the years, one of which is the F-1X. Tom's dream was to incorporate a tribute to his beloved Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Crow in his custom alembic guitar for sale. This summer, a customer Susan describes as “a guy with his own hedge fund,” asked for a guitar with a tribute medallion featuring the famed Jerry Garcia skeleton image. This guitar has great action and gets excellent tones suitable for all types of music. PhrontReau 304 views. Crosby Stills and Nash KarlHaglundArt. The difference is that if the other three are Chevy, Ford and Chrysler, then Alembic is a Rolls Royce. Save money on Used ALEMBIC Bass at Guitar Center. I t was my Seririt manufactures the UNITED STATES in 1977. What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? Susan, nearly 10 years his junior, had been hired to paint a mural inside. Not everyone’s going to drive a Ferrari. 2 volume, 2 Tone correcting two Q-switch 3 positions (one for his "bright"), a position slecteur 3 + Off. The F-2B is a stereo preamp with a 12AX7 tube in each section and controls for bass, treble mids and volume and a bright/normal switch. But rarely do we make one of these fine instruments strictly to the spec sheet. C $6.80. In the early days just my fender pbass was plenty as its tone is still my go to when I need to make a tone statement. A 1981 Alembic catalog hyped the Distillate by noting that it incorporated “…several of the most requested features of Alembic’s custom basses into a single, production instrument. 5 out of 5 stars (788) 788 reviews $ 41.94 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Guitar Mug. C $4,534.36. Brands. But while Fender and Guitar Center have struggled, Alembic has held fast, despite a minimal ad budget and a policy against commercial endorsements. From United Kingdom +C $2.76 shipping. 8:05. They started making instruments in 1971, the first one being a bass (though it wasn't finished until 1972). 1996 Alembic Epic 5 String Lefty Left Handed … Before he’d appeared downstairs earlier, Ron had been up in his workshop, surrounded by piles of old computers, oscilloscopes and obscure meters. Most people add their own touches to make the guitar unique in the world. Have seen some people complain online about these pickups when overdriven. She approved and young Ron got to work, laying each piece side-by-side on a handkerchief until he was finished. Fernandes USA division has closed. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. The answer is the Essence. : 35ff. By 1975, most of our customers were bass players. The current Jerry Garcia "Tribute" model starts at $22K, and the Telluride (photo below) is a custom version of the Tribute. “A lot of people weren’t. “Let’s get that out of the way. Feb 21, 2020 - Explore Mike Wingate's board "Alembic", followed by 523 people on Pinterest. It's worth mentioning that Alembic still sell the Blaster (Fender apparently made them quit the "Strato" part) at a current price of $108. Most of the week, he’ll work up there on his own, usually through the night, sipping on Coke for an added boost. It powers the rear treble pick up. From Japan. But in 2014, with Alembic’s original customer base at retirement age and guitar-based music not enjoying an especially vital period – hip-hop and EDM-influenced pop rules the charts – the Wickershams can seem about as modern as horse cobblers. When Ron realized that to clear that path further he would have to improve upon the band’s instruments, Alembic unexpectedly found itself in the business of handcrafting astronomically expensive, high-performance guitars for the Dead and other musicians, with electronics assembled by Ron and exotic woods selected by Susan. They took the lead for the design from right half of the Small Standard body. The answer is, yes, no, or maybe. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Be sure to check this one out. UTILIZATION The setup is simple? On his belt, beside two Swiss Army knives and a holstered Leatherman knife, he wears a brown leather fanny pack full of assorted tools: a wrench, a titanium flashlight, a volt meter from Radio Shack. whats difference between those? Mica Wickersham was born in 1970, two years after her parents met at San Francisco’s Pacific Recording Studio. We want to hear from you! Log in; Become a member; ALL GEAR . They said no one’s going to pay that kind of money. Garcia played Tiger more than any other guitar, and was the last guitar he played in public. Electronic music is cool, but it’s different. Alembic F-1X. In 1973, Rolling Stone published a story about Alembic as part of a professional audio insert, describing the company’s luthiers as “wizards,” a conclusion supported visually by Ron’s extraordinary beard and the liquid, fantasy fiction-ready curves of Susan’s designs. Noah Balayti playing the proto-type Alembic guitar - Duration: 8:05. or Best Offer. or they are like aria and aria pro II, fender - squier, gibson - epihpone? Write a user review Ask for a user review. Learn More. It works just like a original one. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Not finding what you're looking for? After discussing the idea with Susan, she presented him with a drawing for aprroval. Alembic - 3005 Wiljan Ct, Santa Rosa, California 95407 - Rated 4.9 based on 37 Reviews "Fantastic instruments. Alembic - 3005 Wiljan Ct, Santa Rosa, California 95407 - Rated 4.9 based on 37 Reviews "Fantastic instruments. From United Kingdom +C $18.43 shipping. The Alembic F-2B was the very first product to bear the Alembic name. (It took six years to make Tiger!) From Japan. From Japan. This equipment is ideal for distilling alcohol, grappa, vodka, etc. 5 out of 5 stars (700) 700 reviews “And after she was born, she slept through many a Grateful Dead concert backstage.”. John Entwistle Alembic Explorer guitar POSTER PRINT A1 size . I’ve known about Alembic for almost as long as I’ve known about Fender, Gibson or Rickenbacker. … Please visit: Fernandes Co. (Japan only) Gearstreet Shop (Authorized USA dealer) Susan presented him with a drawing of a skeleton whose “dip of the shoulder and subtle nuances made you think, ‘It’s Jerry’,” wearing the appropriate headgear, draped in intricately embroidered garments like those from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, playing an Alembic on a rose pedal-strewn stage at the foot of the San Juan mountains under a star field that could have been seen in the sky “the night his daughter was born in North Carolina.” Denim lapis, ebony, rosewood, flame maple: Every detail and piece was to be cut and layered by hand, from the nails in the stage’s floorboards to the stars above. From the moment he wakes up and puts on the pack, he doesn’t take it off until he’s getting back into bed to sleep. Sporting high quality woods, neck-through bodies, brass hardware, silent single-coil-style pickups, and active electronics, early handmade Alembics were comparatively quite expensive to other products at the time. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. While we are best known for our basses, we also make outstanding guitars, preamps, and accessories. The military was the most careful and precise when building switches. Please peruse these product pages to find out more about them. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. “We’re not tied to selling 10,000 instruments a month,” Susan says, “so we’re a much more flexible organization. Top Rated Seller. . Hey! Alembic Custom Electric Guitar Played By Stuart Ryan - YouTube Please check the fields highlighted in red. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed ; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Price: lowest first; Price: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: LIST. Is there a lighter weight Alembic guitar with all the look, feel, and tone of the bigger models? Free shipping. Created by luthier Doug Irwin after leaving Alembic for Jerry Garcia after after Garcia told him to make a guitar with no compromises. I thought it was as important as Beethoven. From shop KarlHaglundArt. Not everyone’s going to drive a Ferrari. guitars, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead. The woods are utiliss Rabl (handle and table), mahogany (body) bne (key). The Essence bass gives you all the essentials of Alembic: neck through body construction, Alembic pickups and active electronics, solid brass hardware, all crafted in Santa Rosa, California, USA, the only place that Alembics are born. Vintage Guitar Oldenburg and Detlef Blanke present a Alembic Spoiler Bass from 1983 played over a Mark-Bass combo. Brand New. “Just gorgeous,” Susan says, nodding. Building custom instruments for the Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Fleetwood Mac and others, the Wickersham family has been on the cutting edge of sonic sorcery. When they began, the sonic utopian goal was to transmit an unfettered purity of sound. But on the other hand, without them, there are things you can’t express.”. But once you put him in a technical role, in his comfort zone, he was unstoppable.”. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. This is a beautiful First Year Example of the wonderful Essence. A variety of body shapes have been introduced. A simple to use Bass, Mids, Treble interface for each channel makes your perfect tone easy to find today, and to find again tomorrow. In 1972? After a brief stint in the military, he moved to San Francisco, following the psychedelic protest music of Country Joe and the Fish, a band “who played music that was like mini-symphonies,” he said. This philosophy applies to all products that we offer. Among many others, the couple’s guitars have been played by Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana and Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, its basses used by the Who’s John Entwistle, jazz virtuoso Stanley Clarke and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones on “Stairway to Heaven.” When you include the number of musicians who’ve also used the company’s pre-amps (Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour is one such customer, according to Mica) a significant amount of the iconic rock sounds of the Seventies can be traced back in some fashion to Alembic. ALEMBIC Custom Order Electric Guitar, z8060. Alembic StratoBlaster. Many have asked how they could get the Alembic sound without the size and weight of the classic Alembic instruments. It’s a hot, dry August afternoon in the modest Santa Rosa, California office space of Alembic, the fabled high-end guitar laboratory that Susan and her husband Ron – former in-house sound technicians for the Grateful Dead – have maintained for more than four decades. I’ve known about Alembic for almost as long as I’ve known about Fender, Gibson or Rickenbacker. Alembic Bass Guitars user reviews. See more ideas about guitar, bass, bass guitar. C $9,271.94. “When she’s fully dressed,” Mica continues, pointing to the guitar’s current lack of electronic hardware, “she’ll look. But are these artisanal wizards becoming obsolete? Don't think I've ever used any Alembic guitars or pickups doing anything but non-crunch sounds. Still handmade completely in Santa Rosa, California, Alembic guitars are individually created. It’s not about equipment. By TB | August 18, 2010 - 6:00 AM | January 16, 2014 Best Bass Guitar Reviews. Great deals on Alembic Guitars & Basses. Pre-Owned. They can get to their destination in a Honda, if all they need to do is get there.” She told the story of a friend who went to a Phil Lesh and Friends show in nearby San Rafael while wearing an Alembic T-shirt; another concertgoer saw the shirt and said, “Whoa, Alembic: Too bad they went out of business.” When the concertgoer was told the company was alive and well, he ended up buying a guitar days later. “We didn’t start out making instruments,” Ron continues, as we walk a hallway filled with wheeled racks of unfinished guitar bodies. Reviews of this Shop. From Japan . The sound is anything but tiny. They can get to their destination in a Honda”. The Alembic appeared in the late 60’s inspired by the cirquit on the Fender Dual Showman amps, which were known for their super clean powerful tone. Free shipping. If and when Alembic fades away, it won’t be a surprise. Alembic Stanley Clarke Deluxe ($11,950.00) 5A Quilt Maple Top & Back ($1,500.00) Clear Gloss Finish Body; Mahogany Body; 30.75″ Scale Length, 24 Frets The secret's out! Noticing Ron’s innate love and understanding for electronics, the Dead’s sound man (and notorious San Francisco countercultural guru/LSD chemist) Owsley “Bear” Stanley asked Ron and Susan to run Alembic, a creative extension of the band for which he’d already conceived a name, a font, and the logo that the company still bears today. But while Fender and Guitar Center have struggled, Alembic has held fast, despite a minimal ad budget and a policy against commercial endorsements. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Some may ask if the Frog Fx1 Tube Preamp for guitar and bass guitar is a clone of the venerable Alembic F2b tube preamp. Premier Guitar Content on Alembic. They’re an excuse to compromise. Guitar pickups kit. Guitars Pedals and Amplifiers Keyboards and Synths Recording Gear Drums DJ and Audio Gear More Categories. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. 15 watchers. Our whole approach isn’t, ‘Oh, I want to make the best guitar in the world.’ I don’t think any of us have any idea what the best guitar in the world would be.” More a doctor than a magician, Ron works with Mica and Susan to isolate and correct issues that musicians (like Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie, just recently) bring to them. In large part, the … Pre-Owned. Since it had been a few years since Edwin treated himself to a new Alembic, he decided to get some interesting custom features on this build, starting with the memorial fish inlay. Best Match. With this one tone control, a wide range of sounds from deep to bright are available with a … On the other hand, having the power switch on the back of a rack mount unit is a pain in the butt, and I do not buy Alembic’s rationale that everybody uses power conditioners.