F-Junior/M-Junior would be the Female and Male Junior categories (anglers Below are the current New Jersey record saltwater fish. That fish was 24 lbs and it was an absolute mutant. The last record catch was set on July 20, 2016. 68. Sure enough, Wharton qualified for the team, passing American record holder Jeff Kostoff in the final 10 meters. During the first part of the incoming tide he caught this bluefish on chunk mackerel. The IGFA All Tackle World Record for bluefish stands at 31 lb 12oz (14.4 kg) landed by James Hussey … May 9, 2019 1:40 pm. Angler Wade Boggs of Tampa, Florida landed a potential All-Tackle Length record bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) on July 19th while fishing with Capt. World Bluefin tuna sells for record $3.1 million at Tokyo fish market, but scarcity clouds celebration Decades of overfishing have sent stocks of this top … The world record bluefin tuna weighed 1,496 pounds and was caught off the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1979, according to the International Game Fish Association. The first dorsal fin is spiny and the tail is widely forked. After all, the world record is almost 32 pounds! The new record cobia measured 56 inches long with a 29-inch girth. Well, move over Ken, because 12-year-old Jenna Gavin is looking to be a contender for that record, and she's off to a great start. It ranges in coloration from green or blue on the back to silver on the side. On Monday, November 11, another World Record fish was caught in the waters off of Hatteras Island. The International Game Fish Association announced it is an IGFA ALL-TACKLE WORLD RECORD FISH, and the New Jersey DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife announced it is a NJ STATE RECORD SALTWATER FISH. The bluefish is one of … Joe Cunningham of Cape May Court House was free diving off Sea Isle City when he speared a 74 pounds, 5 ounce new state record cobia — 14 pounds, 5 ounces over the previous record. 620 South Meridian Street Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum. Common Name Weight Length Location Caught Angler Year Caught; lbs. Angler Wade Boggs of Tampa, Florida landed this potential All-Tackle Length record bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) on July 19. On Monday October 12, 2015 rumors started to swirl around about a state record bluefish being caught in West Haven. Hayes caught his record fish on July 9, 1955 while trolling a lure in Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee, without a doubt the most famed body of water for producing massive smallmouth bass. FNE Admin October 16, 2015 June 8, 2017. Recreational Blue Crab State Record One of the very few photos available of Dr. Webster Robinson and his wife Helen, this shot may not encapsulate Robinson's light-tackle accomplishments, but his Jan. 18 Pacific sailfish catch marked the first-ever specimen caught on fly, one that eventually led to the development of bait-and-switch techniques now common to that type of fishing. Whitley’s catch is in the process of being certified as the Florida state record by the IGFA. In Sarasota where I fish, most bluefish are in the to to 3 pound range with the occasional fish reaching 6 pounds. In both events she broke her own pool marks. Official Marine Fishing Record Entry Sheet For further information contact Sandra Dumais at 631-444-0445 or e-mail the Division of Marine Resources.. It was caught in Southern California. oz. What is the world record for passes back to your own keeper? 1. Share this article 105 shares share tweet text email link Pete Thomas. Records are for Fly 12 through Unlimited and include the current year's biggest fish. It weighed 31 pounds, 12 ounces. Edye Pass is a saltwater channel located between Arthur and Prescott Islands, close to Porcher Island on British Columbia’s westernmost coast about midway between north and south of the province. * All Tackle World Record ** There is a moratorium on white sharks and they may not be targeted or retained. These 50 fish are the biggest of their species ever landed on a rod and reel. Bluefish’s Lilly Vivado also set a pair of pool records, with a 2:07.18 in the 200 IM and 4:59.18 in the 500 free. This massive fish was caught at night by Al McReynolds off of the Vermont Avenue jetty in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission International Game Fish Association. John Dagon. The Bluefish has a long body with pectoral and anal fins starting just behind the gills. I'm not feeing the record will be broken anytime soon. It stood as the IGFA all-tackle world record striped bass! Photo by Randy Bayne. David Hayes' celebrated 5.41 kg (11 pounds, 15 ounces) All-Tackle world record smallmouth bass has seen its share of controversy over the years. He was fishing during a September 21st 1982 Nor'easter storm It weighed in at 78-1/2 lbs., was 53" long and its girth was measured at 34 - 1/2". Reinaldo Giraldo a long time Surfland customer who is up visiting from Florida went out onto the south jetties yesterday for the low tide. Connecticut and World Record Bluefish Rumors. W-01 kg (2 lb) would be the record category for the heaviest bluefish, caught by a woman angler, on 2 lb line (not fly fishing) 3. Not only would fish be a state record but a world record as well. View the all time West Palm Beach Fishing Club records for Bluefish. The rumor first heard was of a 31 lb 14 oz fish. I got the quest and went to the little pond outside the aldor back entrance to nagrand and caught about 60ish fish with no "Worlds Largest Mudfish" i figured i wasnt at a lake so i went to the one directly north near the throne of the elements and same thing about 60ish fish no quest item yet again. A fishing world record that might never be broken. World Record Bluefish The world record bluefish was caught by James M. Hussey on Jan. 30, 1972 at Hatteras, North Carolina. 2012. M-01 kg (2 lb) would be the record category for the heaviest bluefish, caught by a male angler, on 2 lb line (not fly fishing) 2. 46.5" Atlantis Canyon. In May, 2007, the program was revised to include Retired Categories of fish no longer included in the program, as well as Retired Historical Records. This 8.1 kg - 19 lb bluefish was caught by Nebot Santos on a Savegear lure while beach casting in Oman. Currently there are 59 species of marine fish eligible for entry in the Record Fish Program. Period. Albacore. Comment by Chaospaint The first post on here is about correct in my opinion. Frank Crescitelli off Shrensbury Rocks, New Jersey. We have heard about a bluefish being caught now and then but haven’t seen or quite remember what they look like! It even had a white head like Moby Dick. Anyway, my Dads fish was huge but It was still pretty far from the current record which has been standing for many years. The world’s most amazing saltwater record catches. 5. Want to set a new record for saltwater game fish in Massachusetts? The world record Chum salmon was caught on the 11th of July, 1995 and the weight was measured on an official scale at 15.87 kg (35 lbs.) Forget about line class, junior division, or any other made-up category. They are common throughout the Atlantic Ocean, but are also found in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. There is a dark spot of color at the start of the pectoral fin. 14. This 53-pound, 4-ounce California halibut is being considered for a new 12-pound line class men's world record. American Eel. Presented here are 25 memorable International Game Fish Association world-record catches made by fly-rodders. In Australia, bluefish, called "tailor", are caught on the west coast from Exmouth to Albany, with the most productive fishing areas being in the west coast bioregion. These are not all the great fly-rod records one can find in IGFA records by any means, but all … 20:34 - Dec 15 with 78 views Bluefish: Probably Liverpool circa 1990 We might rival it though Check out the current leaders. Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Dania Beach, Florida 33004 One year later at Pan Pacs, he set the world record with a 4:16.12. Boggs needed only eight minutes to subdue the 87 cm fish after it crushed the live bait he was fishing. Courtesy of Jack Vitek, World Records Coordinator IGFA. Angler Brett Jordan from Florence, South Carolina, was fishing with his friend and fishing mentor, Larry Hart – a local property owner – when the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) record-breaking fish was landed. These IGFA records have yet to be beaten after all this time. Found in all Atlantic Ocean, including the Mediterranean and Black Seas, in temperate to tropical waters although sporadic in occurrence and location. Nova Scotia's giant bluefin tuna grounds are legendary in every way. In fact, the world-record giant bluefin tuna of 1,496 pounds was caught there by Ken Fraser in 1979. Mailbox MF-OAE 300 Gulf Stream Way. 3. Catching fish on a fly rod involves challenges unique to this specialized form of fishing. State Record Smooth Dogfish Caught - 11/13/20. Bluefish are pelagic, schooling fish, … We had our first official bluefish weigh-in yesterday. Largest bluefish I ever saw in person was caught by my Dad many years ago. For this fishing, the same light to medium spinning tackle that is used for other inshore species works fine. Bluefish are distributed throughout the world’s oceans from tropical to temperate waters.